OneInstallmentLoans.com is not a lender and thus cannot make the final decision whether your receive approval for a short term loan or not. We have no influence in the final determination of the amount you receive from any lender within our network. We do not perform credit checks on our customers. Our only goal is to match you with lenders from our network who may be able to give you the money you need. We do not act as an agent or representative of any lender, which means that you can be sure that you are viewing the best rates and fees available.

The first step in applying for a short term loan is to fill out our fast and easy application online. After this is complete, we will provide you with lenders from around the United States that are able to offer you the money you need. OneInstallmentLoans.com has no control over any lender’s rates and fees, and each lender is different. As such, we encourage you to read over all terms associated with each short term loan fully before deciding whether or not to accept. Once you have chosen to agree to a lender’s terms and conditions, you will need to provide a legally binding electronic signature in order to receive your funds. Keep in mind that there is never any obligation to accept a short term loan offer, and you can cancel the process at any point. OneInstallmentLoans.com is not responsible for any agreement you enter with a lender and cannot be held accountable for any terms or fees within a contract.

Most of the lenders in our network will not perform a credit check, but some might. The most frequently used credit reporting bureaus are TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax, but lenders may also perform credit checks through other agencies like TeleTrack or DP. The latter two options will not affect your credit score and serve to inform the lender whether you have any outstanding or default short term loans that should be noted.

The information on this website may change at any time without any notice given. We offer no guarantee that your application will be provided to a specific lender or that any lender will approve you for a short term loan. You should be aware of all the potential problems that are associated with the installment loan before agreeing to any offer. If you are in the midst of a major financial crisis, you might not want to choose the installment loan. In such cases, you should seek out a professional credit counselor for help.

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