Installment Loans Rates & Fees

Those who come in to get installment loans are often those who have fallen well behind on their debts. They are struggling to just get by, and they are looking for some kind of lifeline to help them get through. There is nothing wrong with having to live this way. It is just a matter of fact that it will possibly make things more difficult for them if they are having to try to find the loans all by themselves. Instead, we try to help them find the lenders that they need from the comfort of their own home. It is our firm belief that no one should have to try to search too hard for the installment loans that they need. All of that time and gas that is spent out there comparison shopping for different lenders could certainly be used in better ways. The lenders that we set our users up with are lenders that we personally trust as well. This means that we have screened them to make sure that there are not any hidden costs that they do not tell borrowers about or anything like this. If a lender were to have these kind of things in their business, then we would not consider them to be helpful to the borrower, and we would eliminate them from our list of trusted lenders. Those who have a less than stellar credit score need not worry when it comes to installment loans. These loans are available to them no matter what their credit score is because the lenders do not care about this kind of thing. They only care that the borrower has a job that pays enough money each month to pay them back. They also need to make sure that the borrower is over the age of 18 and is a US citizen. If all of those things can be proven, then an installment loan can be received. Each state makes up its own laws in terms of interest rates and things of this nature. Thus, it is possible that the rate one receives on a loan may vary from state to state. It is also true that the length of time given to pay back a loan can vary as well. Those who realize this can take advantage of the changes if they happen to live right on the border with another state. It is often most possible to do this in some of the northeastern smaller states. Whenever you need your fast cash, make sure you check with us first to see which lenders might be right for you. There is no point in getting out and trying to hunt them down yourself when all of this information can be right at your fingertips with us.