Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is intended to explain the process by which we collect, use, and distribute the personal information that you provide through your short term loan application. It also gives an overview of what options you have available to you, the choices you have when it comes to the use of your personal information, and how your information can be accessed and updated.

About Us and Our Mission

Throughout this Privacy Policy, may be referred to as “company,” “us,” “our,” “we,” “site,” or “website.” This site is also home to a database of prospective customers, known alternately here as the “service.” Any number of third parties, affiliates, and media advertisements may be used in order to promote this website and our database.

Upon filling out an application at, your name and the personal information collected is automatically added to our contact list. Implicit in your application is that you agree to receive communications from via a number of means, including phone, email, and text message, unless you specifically opt out of one or all of these methods. Marketing agencies who are in partnership with may also contact you using some or all of the methods described above. These contacts will only continue as long as you choose to agree to them.

You can opt out of any communications from or our partners by using the opt-out link that is present at the bottom of every email correspondence or by sending us an email. Once you opt out, this information will be forwarded to the vendor or agency that gave us your information so they can also make sure that you are removed from their database. We can only ensure that your information will be removed from databases belonging to companies that is affiliated with. Solicitations from other third parties is not a responsibility of

Our Goal is to Take Care of Your Privacy

At, we know that keeping your personal information secure is priority number one in the modern world. Because of that, we make sure that any information collected through this website is used only to perform business transactions that you ask for. Regardless of whether you are a current or a former customer, we will never share your information with any parties except for our associated lenders and affiliates.

We strive to make sure that you feel completely safe and secure while using this website. That is why this Privacy Policy is here to let you know about the information we collect and how it will be used and distributed. By using this site, you are implicitly agreeing to this Policy. If you disagree with any part of this Policy, you should discontinue use of this website.

Short Term Loan Costs

The APR for the installment loan tends to be higher than the APR on other forms of consumer credit, meaning that short term loans have the potential to become quite expensive. Typically, a consumer can expect to pay approximately 20% of the total loan amount in interest. The Consumer Federation of America performs calculations to compare short term loans and can be contacted for more detailed information about this process.

Users Under 18

Short term loans cannot be applied for by those under 18 years of age, and we never knowingly collect information from minors.

How Information is Collected and Used

At, we collect information from existing and potential new customers so we can give them the products and services that they request or that might be of interest. Users can choose to stop receiving emails from us at any time by opting out through the link at the bottom of a message. Not all information collected is absolutely required, but the essential information includes the customer name, address, contact number, work telephone number, mortgage balance, interest rates on mortgages, credit scores if necessary, the desired amount of the installment loan, the type of residence lived in, email address, employer’s name, and the best contact time. This information is all relevant and necessary to deliver the requested products and services.

We also sometimes collect information from your computer that might be shared with third parties for the purpose of analysis. This information can include your IP address, the type of browser you use to access the site, the time of day you access the site, and what website referred you to our The goal of collecting this information is to improve our quality of services provided, including how we deliver our services, and to generate useful statistics about how people access our website. You will never receive newsletters or updates from us without permission. This permission is granted when you fill out an application on

Information Sharing Policies never engages in the sale of our customers’ information to third parties. However, we may provide your information to third party affiliates who we use to help fulfill your requests, including lenders, shipping companies, and businesses that provide customer service. We only authorize these affiliates to use your information in order to fulfill their specified obligations.

Your personal information may be disclosed under the following circumstances:

  • A subpoena or other legal request requires it.
  • There is reason to believe that releasing your information is necessary in order to protect our rights, your safety or the safety of others, to comply with a government request, or to investigate fraud, be it alleged or factual.
  • In the event of a merger, sale, or acquisition of our company’s assets. In this case, you will receive notification via our website or via email about any change in ownership or the ownership of your information. This notification will include information about any additional rights you may have that will allow you to protect your personal information.
  • You have given us consent to provide your information to third parties.

Your information may be shared with similar companies that might have products or services that you may be interested in. If you do not wish your information to be shared with other parties in this manner, you should contact us via email.

Opting Out of Communications

At any point you desire, you may request that we stop sending you email and other communications. You can also remove your information entirely from our database if you so choose. In order to do this, you should contact us via email and allow up to 10 business days for this request to be processed. Text messages may be opted out of by replying to any of the messages received with the request “STOP,” “END,” or “QUIT.”

Information Disclosed to Affiliates

By providing your information via application to, you also provide your consent to be contacted by third party affiliates who are able to give you the services you request. Your provided information, including the information you submit on your application, can be submitted to banks, lenders, and brokers in order to give you information about products and services you may be interested in. An affiliate is defined as a third party company that has a legal contract with

Use of Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data that websites place on visiting computers for the purpose of tracking information. This allows the website and the computer to send information back and forth via the cookie. Some of the ways that a cookie is used includes authentication, user session identification, user preferences, user login information, and more. You can choose to reject cookies from this website, but doing so may limit your access to our products, services, and features. Cookies may also occasionally be used to track and target your interests. When that is the case, a cookie may include some personal information. Please note that our Privacy Policy does not cover cookies that are used by third parties and affiliates. These groups can use Session ID cookies, which are designed to provide you with advertisements targeted to your relevant interests or to collect information anonymously about your experience while using a specific website.

Advertisements from Third Parties and External Links

Our ads are provided by, which is a third party company that our Privacy Policy does not cover. When you visit, information about how often you visit certain websites and how frequently you see specific targeted advertisements are recorded to improve your visiting experience. For more information about third party ads, visit

While visiting, you may click on links to external sites. In such a case, these websites are not covered by our Privacy Policy. If you visit a site other than through one of these external links, be sure to read the Privacy Policy of this website thoroughly. In the case where you visit we website that is co-branded with us, the Privacy Policy will include information about who is collecting your personal data.

Online Security

In order to keep your personal information completely safe and secure, we utilize top-rated and industry recognized methods that protect your information during transmission and after we receive it. However, even the best security methods are not 100% fail-proof, so there is no guarantee that your information is absolutely secure from hackers. If you have any questions about the security methods we use, please contact us via email.

Updating and Correcting Your Information

If your personal information changes or was ever entered erroneously on, you can verify, correct, update, or delete it by contacting us via email.

Updates and Changes

On occasion, sometimes makes changes to our Privacy Policy. If these changes include a different usage of your personal information, you will be notified via email communication, even if you have chosen not to receive marketing emails from us. You should also review this Privacy Policy from time to time to make sure that you are as knowledgeable and up to date as possible with regard to the information provided here.

Any member or visitor to our website may choose to unsubscribe from marketing communications, but they cannot unsubscribe from certain communications that provide important announcements about’s products and services. If you wish to completely opt out of all communications and deactivate your account, you should contact us at in order to do this.

Do-Not-Call Registry Compliance

By submitting your personal information to, you are providing your express permission for us to contact you via telephone, SMS, and email with special offers, and for third party marketing agencies that we partner with to do the same.

Retention of Information

Your personal information will be retained at until you choose to cancel your account. If you wish to cancel your account and remove your personal information from all products and services, you can do so by contacting us via email. Even following your request, your information will remain in use as necessary in order to resolve disputes, meet legal obligations, and ensure that any agreements you have entered into are properly enforced.